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Meet Lana Titus - Owner/ Creator/ Instructor
Lana is a mother of 3 and the creator of Rev Fitness! After gaining 40lbs with her first daughter and struggling to lose the weight Lana began her fitness journey. After learning how to properly eat and exercise she began sharing her knowledge with others as a personal trainer helping people from all walks of life learn how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. She has appeared in numerous fitness magazines and worked as a fitness expert on many shows such as TLC's Real Simple. Real Life.

As a mother of 3 Lana has struggled for many years at finding the best way to get a great workout and not feel bad about leaving her kids in front of a TV or left at a daycare with little supervision. This is where the idea for Rev Fitness was created. Lana wanted to make a fitness Revolution where adults could come to an upscale environment to get the best workout possible and at the same times kids would be active in a fun, motivating environment.

Meet Zac Titus - Owner/ Creator/ Instructor
Zac grew up around the fitness lifestyle, his mother was a fitness and nutrition specialist and his father was an avid marathon runner and cyclist. Zac naturally progressed into helping others find their love and passion for an active and healthy lifestyle. From yoga, to mountain hikes, Zac incorporates a wide variety and multiple training modalities into his sessions at Rev Fitness.

Meet Matt Conrad - Rev Fitness Instructor
Matt gravitated naturally toward fitness through his modeling / acting career as well as his tenure as a coach for the National Junior Olympic men's gymnastics team. He found his passion for helping others succeed through ten years of training national champions and working for five years as an elementary school teacher. He is a natural educator and is known amongst clients and colleagues for being approachable and knowledgeable, happily lingering after class to field fitness and nutrition questions.

Matt believes strongly in the results achieved through muscle confusion, and his classes are broken down to include diverse techniques and a few very challenging moves to ensure everyone leaves feeling accomplished. His class playlist is well sought-after, known for it's perfectly-timed ascensions adding to the overall intensity of his classes. Matt's other passion is nutrition, and he is an advocate of high protein, low-fat diets which include carbs for energy.

Meet Jacqui Mimno - Yoga Instructor
Jacqui's passion for yoga, Pilates and overall health and fitness is infectious. Known for her fusion of both practices, Jacqui's playful mixture of challenge with her lovable personality make for a truly inspirational class. She creates a light, fun and uplifting environment to energize and sculpt the body, create a deeper mind body connection and obtain greater vitality and health.

Jacqui earned her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification at Prana Power Yoga in Boston, MA and also has her Pilates Mat and Apparatus certifications through Balanced Body University. She found Pilates and yoga during her youth as a ballet dancer where these practices were used as a method of cross training. From that point forward they not only became an integral part of her daily life, but a true hobby. Jacqui spends her free time experimenting with healthy organic recipes, getting outdoors for hikes or trips to the beach, and taking a variety of fitness classes to discover new ways to integrate different disciplines of health, fitness and wellness.

Meet Shaw McPherson - Yoga Instructor
Shaw McPherson has been practicing many different yoga styles since 1995 and has been teaching Restorative and Vinyasa Flow Yoga since 2011. Shaw was inspired by yoga to deepen his self awareness and become present in life. In teaching yoga, Shaw is able to share his knowledge and belief in the healing powers of yoga with others. He participated in Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2011 and 2013 and is RYT 200 certified with Yoga Alliance.
In each class, Shaw guides students through flow movement, while incorporating themes such as Empowerment, Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Personal Values to name a few. These themes become new mantras and tools for living life. His classes are a restorative journey from within so each yogi leaves feeling refreshed and committed to enter the world.
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